The Grand Master is the ultimate leader of Masons in Texas. Men who occupy this role are charged with overseeing all of Masonry in the state. While the term itself is for one year, becoming Grand Master requires a four year commitment as the individual must work his way through the stations of the Grand Lodge. Five Past Masters of Dallas Lodge have served as Grand Master of Masons in Texas.

Men who hold this position are appointed by the Grand Master. They serve as his personal representative in each of Texas' Masonic districts. Twenty-eight Past Masters of Dallas Lodge have been privileged to serve as District Deputy Grand Masters for Masonic District No. 14

Here we honor the men who served Dallas Lodge with honor and pride as Master of the Lodge. The Master serves for a period of one year and, during that year, is the ultimate leader of the lodge. The Master of the Lodge is addressed as "Worshipful Master," a term that has no religious connotations. The term is a term of respect taken from medieval England (as in the "Worshipful Mayor of London") and is derived from the usage of English Masonry.